GRD Logistics Training

GRD Logistics Training is not just another pretty face in the ever-growing field of freight broker training programs. Our training is based on straight forward honesty and integrity while providing the BEST training available and at a REASONABLE price. We can take you where you want to go and even guarantee placement with a reputable brokerage. We offer several training packages taught by very knowledgeable and experienced industry personnel, all with YOUR success as their goal.

Because this is an expanding industry that is on the move, you need to get the best, detailed education and continued support in order to, not only survive, but thrive. This program was developed to do just that! It is not difficult, but it is a competitive industry which is the reason that we just don’t teach the how-to materials. We provide all the support you need right from the start and after the basic training is completed. Yes, we will guide you step by step with all the personal attention you need right through to success.

Other more expensive training courses may promise you the world in their respective advertisements. But, you don’t necessarily get what you pay for. Bigger is not necessarily better. Most expensive is not necessarily the better quality. We offer top quality training at budget prices. You will receive as good, or better, training and support than the high-end priced schools.

We invite you to join a winning team that still believes in honesty and integrity and is not out to just make a fast buck. We believe in people and that is the reason we are offering the best at a reasonable cost! Welcome to GRD Logistics Training!

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